Practice Merger – Change Of Process For Making Appointments From 6th July 2021

You will be aware that Corinthian Surgery will be merging with the Portland Practice on 1st July 2021 at which time the merged practice will adopt the name ‘Weston House Practice’. On the 1stJuly, little will change for the patient; however, there will be a change in the process for requesting an appointment when the practice clinical IT systems merge the following Tuesday (6th July).

From the 6thJuly, there will be a change to how you will asked to make appointment requests. From that date you will be asked to complete an ‘eConsult’ request. The link to the eConsult process will be available from the Weston House Practice website home page, which will also go live on 6thJuly. The process is straightforward, but the partners and staff recognize the introduction of the eConsult for Corinthian Surgery patients will be a major change. To that end, and in order to give you some time before the merger to understand the process, we have attached a link to a Q&A sheet. The first page is a summary of the process, but further guidance is attached in the subsequent 2 pages.

Allpatients are being strongly encouraged to use eConsult, but we appreciate that there will be some patients that it would not be appropriate or suitable for. These patients should continue to contact us by phone. Please note though, that you may be asked to complete an eConsult form over the phone with help from one of our patient advisors.