Portland Practice and Corinthian Surgery Merger – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What will the change mean for me?

Answer: At the current time, as a patient of the practice, whether Portland Practice or Corinthian Surgery, the change is purely administrative.  We will continue to work from our existing facilities in the St Paul’s Medical Centre, and at the Portland Practice’s branch site at Up Hatherley exactly as we do at the moment.  However, if we make any changes to our internal footprint/layout we will make sure these are communicated to you.

Question: What will the new Partnership be called?

Answer:  The new Partnership will be called the ‘Weston House Practice’.  Many patients will recall that prior to moving to St Paul’s Medical Centre, the two surgeries operated from a building called ‘Weston House’ and it was considered using this historic name for the merged practice would be appropriate.

Question: Will I still be able to see my usual GP or nurse?

Answer:  Yes – The practice is not, changing the GP Partners, Salaried GPs or any of the nursing team as a result of the merger.  Of course, there will inevitably changes to staff resulting from personal plans as time moves on and which would have occurred without a merger.

Question: Will I be able to see a Doctor at any site?

Answer: Because we are still having to manage the delivery of our primary care services to comply with the current Covid-19 restrictions, we are still working on how services will be delivered in the future, when we will hopefully have returned to a degree of normality.  As mentioned in the answer to question 1, we will continue to operate from our existing sites with doctors and nurses available at all 3.

Question: Will practice boundaries change?

Answer: The Portland Practice boundary falls almost entirely within Corinthian Surgery’s boundary so no changes are currently planned.

Question: Do I need to do anything as a patient to remain on the list?

Answer: No – patients will be automatically transferred onto the new (merged) practice list.

Question: What if I have moved from one Practice to the other already?

Answer: If, for some reason, you chose to change Practices in the past there is no reason why you cannot continue as a patient with the new Partnership.  If, however, you are uncomfortable with receiving your care from the Practice you left, then you are of course free to consider registering elsewhere.

Question: What if I do not wish to remain registered with the new partnership?

Answer: Firstly, if you have any particular concerns that could be answered without the need for you to change, do speak to us first.  If you still feel that for some reason you do not wish to be a patient at the new partnership, speak to a member of staff who will be able to advise of you on alternative options.

Question:  Will the telephone numbers change?

Answer: Not at present. This will be reviewed as part of the merger project but as both practices already operate on a building-wide system there may just be a need for some minor changes or redirection.  We will ensure you are informed of any changes before they happen.

Question: Will you have to lose any administration staff?

Answer: No – we are both very busy practices and we anticipate expanding services for patients when the merger is complete.

Question:  Will this affect my referrals to hospital?

Answer:   No – any patient who is currently undergoing investigations or treatment at a hospital will be unaffected by these changes.

Question:  Will the clinical computer system remain the same?

Answer: Yes.  Both practices already operate with a clinical system called ‘SystmOne’.  These systems will also need to merge so that the ‘Weston House Practice’ will have a single clinical IT system for all our patients.

Question: What if I have any comments or further questions about the merger?

Answer:  If you have any concerns about the merger please do let us know. We will be providing regular updates via the practice website and we will add more questions and answers as the merger progresses.  If you would like to make any comments about the merger, please do so in writing to the practice manager at your surgery.

A supportive and innovative Partnership

Both Practices would like to reinforce their enthusiasm for this exciting change.

We know that it will be mutually beneficial to Practice teams and patients alike.

Not only is it important to ensure stability in very challenging times for the NHS but our own aspirations to provide a long term commitment to offer the very best service we can.

This will undoubtedly be strengthened by working together as a supportive and innovative Partnership.